Maximum TDS and CFU/ml for cosmetic manufacturing

Hi all!

For RO Water to make cosmetics, do we have to follow GMP/USP water guidelines which is 1.3 TDS and 100CFU/ml maximum?
Or we have a easier standard? My RO Water is about 30TDS and 250CFU/ml. For small scale, installing 200L/h RO system following GMP standard is too much, cost about 30.000$ :( 

Thank you.


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    You do not have to follow those guidelines, they are only that: guidelines. The 100 cfu/ml limit is the general standard for USP<61> TPC of cosmetics. If you can live comfortably with those limits of yours, go with it. RO water systems are notoriously susceptible to biofilm buildup too. Backflush with peracetic acid solution and you may see better results.
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