gas generation in Hair Straightener with glyoxilic acid


i’m faced problem in hair straightener formula , where after 1 weak the bottle swelled because the formula generate gas . i’m use below ingredient : 

Glyoxilic Acid 50% =25%
Lanett O 5%
PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil =2%
sorbitan mon stearate =2%
jojoba oil 2%
hydrolyzed keratin 0.5%
Alantoin 0.5%
behentrimonium chloride 2%
PEG-90M 0.05%
Lactic Acid 0.2
Glycolic Acid 0.2
Glycerin 0.5
Mono 0.5
Myritol 318 2%
Cetiol HE7.  2%

please advice if any thing wrong in above ingredients or must be add ingredient inhibit the gas generation


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