removing air bubbles in gel

How can I prevent these small little air bubbles?  The sample on the left is the formula I am trying to match, mine is on the right.  I've even tried hand mixing as slowly as possibly but it still turns out with a ton of bubbles.  I was originally using Ultrez 10 but switched to 940 due to what we have more available in stock, still had bubble issue with U10. 

A - Water
      Carbopol 940 0.80%
B - Alcohol SD40-2 - 20%
      Peg 8 Dimethicone 0.2%
C - Sodium Hydroxide 10% to pH 5.5


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    I know, it's an unusually short answer for me but that's the only answer I can give if you're already trained in proper mixing.
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