Online cosmetic formula testing lab


  • @Perry
     I got an email about it, it does look interesting! I take issue with some of their statements about challenge testing though:

    "Challenge test is required for all cosmetic products with the exception of microbiologically low-risk products, which are the following:
    • Products that don’t contain water/have low water activity
    • Products with a pH below 3 or above 10
    • Products containing more than 20% alcohol
    • Products containing raw materials that can create a hostile environment (strong oxidizing agents, polar organic solvents, oxidizing dyes, aluminium chlorohydrate and related salts, propellant gasses etc.)
    • Products that are filled in containers at more than 65 degrees Celsius
    • Products packaged in pressurized containers, pump dispensers or single-dose units"
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @LincsChemist - I agree that is a bit more liberal than I would want to be about challenge testing but that is because the manufacturer is taking the risk, not the testing house.

  • The last two points is a surprise for me. Taking this with a grain of salt.
    Thank you very much @Perry. I might consider it for a couple of my products.
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