Colour change

 Am so confused, please advise. 
I made a conditioner and been testing it for 9 months now. No problems. 
However I changed the perfume to a coconut fragrance and ten days later, the recent batch has changed colour. 
I made the white in sept 2019, and the pink on 01 Aug 20. Same ingredients different fragrances. 
I don’t understand why the coconut fragrance has changed colour. 
btms 50
cetearyl alcohol 
caprylic Capric 


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Coconut fragrance is made up of different chemicals than your previous fragrance. It's most likely that one of the chemicals in that new fragrance oxidized.

    This illustrates why whenever you make a formulation change, whether it is an ingredient change or even a chemical supplier change, you have to do stability testing.

    Most likely, if you want to use that fragrance you'll need an antioxidant.  Or, if you work for a big company, you send them a batch of unfragranced base and they customize a fragrance for your formula.
  • thank you Perry. 
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