Dish wash gel

I am priya in preparation of dishwash gel for people of Tamilnadu, india it is testing
Right now I use
Caustic soda
Citric acid
Soda ash
Free flow salt
Ro water 
And ph is equal to 8
What should I add or do to get strong gel


  • Kindly reply
  • Hello, What is the caustic soda for? Are you using any plant oils?

    We have not been to Tamilnadu, but spent some time in Kolkata. My husband's family is from Gujarat.

  • Use hydroxy ethyl cellulose HEC
  • Thank u sir and can u share good formula combination to reduce my production cost and I am doing it as business
  • You have not mentioned qty of each chemical in formulation. PM me and will share my formulation for good thickness 
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