Hydroxy ethyl cellulose: HEC

we are developing a liquid soap (oil saponified with potash) based on olive oil, the composition of which is as follows:
% Dry matter: 20% + / - 1% with 55% olive oil and 45% coconut oil.
We want to viscose this formula with hydroxyethyl cellulose "HEC".
I find it difficult to choose the correct procedure for dissolving HEC in liquid soap. My question is the following: What is the correct method to disperse HEC in liquid soap?


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Will not work.  HEC will crash and gel out of solution, as will most of the cellulosics, within an alkaline soap system like that. Klucel (hydroxypropyl- ) or cellulose gum (sodium carboxymethyl-) would be first ones to try. As for method: always disperse the resin into water first and allow to hydrate 100% before adding any other ingredient.
  • After making soap it can't be dissolve 
    First dissolve it in water and pour it into oils and then pour caustic after that it can't separate
  • TyssTyss Member
    Thank you Mr Farrukh
    Our manufacturing process is a semi-hot saponification. the HEC does not degrade under the effect of temperature?
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