Lipstick pigment running?

Hello, what is a natural or naturally derived plant based ingredient that will help keep pigment in place in lipstick? 
2 issues:
Currently, in my formula the pigment is running towards the outer edges of the lips. I have a lot of butters and oils - is that the culprit? Is the solution to add more wax?
Also the pigments are water soluble...what do I use to keep the pigments from breaking down once the wearer drinks liquids?


  • Use oil soluble pigment
  • @Farrukh
    it's both oil soluble and water soluble. The pigment has to stay. 
    That problem there anything naturally derived I can use to help the color not run towards the outer edge of the lips and stay? Thank you!
  • WinnieWinnie Member
     add 1~2% w/o emulsifier(but the lipstick may became softer, so you'll have to add more wax)
  • Hi @Winnie
    what does the w/o emulsifier do in an anhydrous formula? Do you have a recommendation for it that's vegan and natural? Thank you
  • EVchemEVchem Member
    Maybe kester wax k-60 P (polyhydroxystearic acid)?
  • Are you referring to the product separating of not being long lasting when used? Hard to tell without a formula.
  • WinnieWinnie Member
    w/o emulsifier could make the pigment disperse better in wax and oil,I think it could make the situation you met better.Base on your description, the pigment seems don't have a well compatibility with wax and oil.
    As for vegan and natural, I'm wondering if you use plant oil for your 100% source of oil.If it is, then that will be the problem of bad compatibility.
    I've add Olivem 900 in my stick formula for stability, but I'm not sure if it's the ingredient meets your definition of nature.But it's plant derived .
  • AleHAleH Member
    Olivem 900 according to ISO 16128 has a NI/NOI=0/1 (natural index=0/natural origin index=1 or 100%) that should fit as a natural origin ingredient.
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