we are using below ingredients in making powder to liquid handwash in the ratio mentioned below where the final 10gm powder is sufficient to make 200 ml handwash. 

SLS Powder ====170 gm
Aos  Powder ---------30gm
Borax            ----------5gm
salt -----------------------30 gm

But the issue is that i am not getting any  thickness in the product when mix powder in 200ml water  .Is anyone have idea about the same ? 


  • You need a thickening agent in your formulation.
    But if you are using SLES, salt (sodium chloride) would serve as the thickener. 
  • FarrukhFarrukh Member
    As for thickening agent you should use HEC
  • afatohafatoh Member
    Here there is no ethylene oxide group so it would not be beneficial to use electrolyte.
    I suggest use xanthan gum together with PQ10
  • Do you mean Alpha Olefin Sulfonate by AOS?

    Both SLS and AOS should be able to thicken with salt if at high enough concentration.

    Your powder is roughly:
    SLS — 72%
    AOS — 13%
    Borax — 2%
    Salt — 13%

    10g of that for a total solution of 200g gives you 3.5% SLS, 0.565% AOS and 0.565% Salt.

    Your surfactant active matter is very low at a 5% solution of this mix, you probably need to dissolve 20g or 30g to a final 200g solution to see any thickness from salt (10-15% solution of your mix). Otherwise this needs to go in a foaming bottle. 
  • rishabhsotirishabhsoti Member
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    @letsalcido  -->

    Actually if you search on google regarding godrej magic powder to liquid handwash you come to know that 10g of there sachet is sufficient to make 200 ml handwash. And i want to make something like that , the powder which i make is sufficient to make foam in 200ml water but is not thick .i want to add something which make it thick and gel like solution with smoothness.So can you suggest me something for the same.

  • @Farrukh @afatoh ; Thanks guys for your suggestions  i will look into this
  • @rishabhsoti
    I agree with @afatoh , you may use xanthan gum.
    You could also try adding carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as thickening agent. 
  • @rishabhsoti sure. What I said still stands, that you will not be able to thicken that percentage of anionic surfactant with salt. It’s too low.

    Like everyone else says, you’ll need a gum or polymer, but the skin feel won’t be the same.
  • @letsalcido agreed.. as i have allready tried it .
    @nikolatesla23 @letsalcido Can you suggest me any softning agent in powder form as the powder is very harsh on my hand 
  • @letsalcido so what can be the best alternative than?
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