10% Cool down phase (Rosehip)

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My lotion contains around 10% Rosehip oil,
I use Arlacel 165 as my emulsifier,

In small batches I used to add it in the cool down phase along with panthenol. 

Now my question is scaling up, planning to invest in a 150 kg vessel (with heating oil) with an inline homogeniser and an anchor stirrer. 

Should I be worried if my cool down phase is more???

I can add in oils in the inital stages but want to retain as much goodness as possible. 

Any suggestions?


  • EVchemEVchem Member
    The nice thing about percents is if it worked small-scale in theory it would work large-scale. Did you test stability on your smaller batches? The processing equipment will just have to mimic whatever worked for you before.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    As a rule - and others may disagree - an oil load that high should be incorporated with the primary o/w emulsifier in a separate phase, Arlacel in your case. Rosehip oil is pretty stable at 65 - 70C, and you won't be elevating its temp for days, just a few hours or so. I'd change processing sequence.
  • Thanks a lot @chemicalmatt ;
    But Cool down time of 20 kg batch is very less and cool time of 150 kg will be overnight.
    Will it increase oxidation of Rosehip oil?

    I have chiller options are available, but I havent invested in it?
  • Are you adding any antioxidants to your formula?

    Any Rosemary oil extract?
  • @Graillotion

    Yes I do add rosemary Antioxidant 

    My oil phase,
    10% Rosehip oil
    10% Jojoba
    0.1% Rosemary Antioxidant
    0.2% mixed tocopherols 50%
    Emulsifier and Cetyl alcohol

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