Making cold procesable Perlante surfactant

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I know that most of this forum Will think that is easier to buy a blend of any company.  And is true if you live in any country but Venezuela.

Well i have been watching patents and label compositions and most of the formulas contains only 5 products:

Cocoamida Mea

The active content is between 25-40%

I want to know if someone has made any cold procesable pearlant and could give me a start, by the way, why is laureth-10?, Egds and sles are very compatible and creates a good and stable emulsión.

Im thinking yo beging test ussing 10% egds, 20% sles and play with 5-10 capb, i Will avoid Mea It doesnt offer a good pearlecent effect.


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    A few years ago I was paying a visit to a supplier. While we were talking I saw a pallet of egds, and remembered I had to buy a pearlizer. I asked if he had any, or if they could make a quick batch. The owner told me it was one of the longest to process and tricky raw materials they made. What I thought to be a simple mixing process happened to be a lot more complicated. 

    Raw material manufacturers keep their process secret, I doubt you will be able to find anything usefull online given that this kind of information is usually well paid. Im not saying that you shouldn't try, but I think it will take you a few months to come up with a decent formula.

    Btw, why laureth 10? my best guess is because is nonionic, good emulsifier, compatible with pretty much anything, temperature doesn't affect it and its cheap.
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