pH of non aqueous formulations

Can pH of non aqueous samples such as balm be tested?


  • H in pH corresponds to hydrogen. No water no pH. Citric acid has no ph until diluted with water. Speaking of balms, they are oil based.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    pH in sensu stricto requires water. There are means (you don't have) which allow pH determination in non-aqueous solutions.
    Can you test pH in anhydrous products? Yes, sure you can test... the result will simply be arbitrary or reflect pH of a molecularly fine layer of moisture covering the electrode.
  • ThotaThota Member
    Are you talking about cleansing balm where more ingredients can be added?
    I think u are trying to understand what ph will it be when applied on damp skin?
    May be test by dissolving it in water. 

    If its purely lipids then dont worry about pH
  • OladooOladoo Member
    Thank you all. The information you provided make it more clear
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