Shea butter difference

Xavier4Xavier4 Member
Hi..i would like to ask if the refined and cold pressed shea butter has a big difference??
i would like to know because the result is different in my homemade pomade..please help..thanks


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Natural products have already a rather high batch to batch variability and an even higher one regarding provenance and production process.
    Shea butter is a prime example for this. Traditionally, it's obtained by mashing nuts, cooking them and, once cold, sifting off the floating fat. 'Modern' processing is often done by cold (or hot) pressing. The following refining steps/procedures which may be applied to either product are manifold. Bottom line is, there can be (and often is) a HUGE difference between different shea butters and even more so between organic unrefined and highly refined qualities. On the other hand, a quality shea butter pressed with modern equipment and such which is subsequently gently refined just to remove some impurities and discolouration may be fairly similar. These statements may be true for brand A but for brand B only today though not with next years harvest...
  • Xavier4Xavier4 Member
    thanks for the information..appreciate waiting for my order which is the previous that i will compare it which one has a different outcome..
    thank you Godbless and your family..

  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    cold-pressed shea and cocoa butter often have crystalline components in them, which are removed in refining
    if you melt and re-solidify unrefined butters, this can cause them to give the end product a gritty texture, the severity of which is highly variable depending on how quickly they're cooled
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  • I have found out the hard way....even when comparing refined butters...from one supplier to another there are HUGE differences....from color, to scent, to how quickly they absorb (which was my biggest concern).  So at this point...I'll put a 'shout out' the company I felt...offered the best refined butters I came across in my journeys: ICSC...aka: International Cosmetics Science Centre, out of Denmark.  Head and shoulders above the rest.
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