Buying Incubator and Viscometer, pls help..

I am setting up a small manufacturing space for cosmetics, 

I got below specifications for low cost equipment, 

Does temp variation of +/- 2 c work or should I go for expensive ones with +/- 0.5 c??

Is 20-200000 maps 
4 standard spindels
0.3 - 6 speed
no of speed 8 

Pls let me know if above is good enough (we make gel cremes to rich creams)?
Brookefield seems very expensive. 

Thank You!


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    You may want to avail the used market for that incubator - Equipnet has plenty at all price ranges - see link below. As for viscometers, Brookfields are the known Standard, so look around for a used one, preferably an RV with helipath for those creams. The older models with analog meters never die. Built to last back when "Made in America" meant something.
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