Requesting help with volume percentage

Can anyone help me to calculate what 2% (in mg) of a 60ml Solution (alcohol (30%) propylene glycol (50%) water (20%)) would be?

It should actually be 1.2, but why is this grams rather than mg?
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  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    I suppose you're making a minoxidil solution.
    I don't have the density of your mix and there is no reasonable way of calculating that just based on composition.
    Best would be to simply mix the three ingredients and see what density you get.
    1.2g or 1200 mg is 2% m/m of 60 g or 2% m/v of 60 ml although the latter is usually not used. Given that it doesn't really matter because minoxidil solutions are usually applied at approximate amounts, adding 1.2 g (or 1200 mg if you prefer mg) would work as well if it's for personal use.
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