1st ever experience of Toilet Cleaner making

Hello my elders my seniors and  everyone. Hope you all are good and healthy. 
I have tried to create Toilet cleaner for the first time and experienced some problems that I want to share with you. The batch size is like

Total size 100 ML
Aqua.                                     81 ml
Color acid blue 80.               Trace
Benzalkonium chloride       1 ml
HCL.                                       15 ML
Acid Thickener.                     2 ml

All of the above stated ingredients were added in the order as they are stated here.

1  the purpose of putting BKC is to act  as a surfactant and disinfectant for toilet bowl cleaning. Am I right in choosing BKC here ?

2 ) As soon as I added the acid thickener the compound wad spoiled. Precipitation took place right on the spots where I pour the acid thickener. And I don't know why did it happen.
Was this because of BKC or is there anything I am doing wrong ? 

3) when I added BKC, color change occurred from blue to reddish which again changed to blue after the addition of  HCL. I don't get why it happened ? 

I am looking forward for your precious opinions.

Thanks All 

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