solubilising Vit E for vit C serum

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I am making a Vit C serum for oily skin with 10% Sodium Ascorbyl phospahte. 

I wanted to include 1% Vit E and solubilising it with polysorbate 80 or peg 40 hydrogenated castor oil is making my serum very sticky as I make it for oily skin.

What can be done, can you please help?

Should I try adding actives to an emulsion to get elegant skin feel?

Thanks a lot!


  • EVchemEVchem Member
    1% tocopherol or tocopheryl acetate? Tocopheryl acetate provides no benefit if you're looking for antioxidant potential, and 1% tocopherol is likely overkill. So drop it completely if the acetate, maybe cut in half if tocopherol.

    Polysorbate 80 will definitely be sticky, peg 40 HCO with some butylene glycol might not be as bad.

    the 10% SAP will  likely also feel sticky on skin while drying as well though, our 20% SAP serum does.
  • ThotaThota Member
    Yes 10% SAP + 0.5 Tocopherol is sticky.
    Will try PEG 40 with BG.
    Have u tried natural Solublisers like Speiclear G7.

    Thanks a lot @EVchem!

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