Reverse engineering of finished products

Greetings to all. 

I read a patent which compares different dishwashing liquids with their components. How are the components with their exact percentages identified ??? I am attaching an image of one of the pages of this patent. What is C12-C14 PAS ??? Is C12-C16 Alkyl dimethyl amine oxide same as Lauramine Oxide ??? 


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    @MurtazaHakim I'm not sure what you mean by 'How are the components with their exact percentages identified???' 

    C12-C14 PAS is the Primary Alkyl Sulfonate of chain length C12-C14 which is dodecyl sulfonate (Usually the sodium salt form)

    C12-C16 Alkyl Dimethyl amine oxide is Lauramine Oxide
  • I mean is it calculated using Gas Chromatography ? Please provide trade name of C12-C14 Primary Alkyl Sulfonate. How does it differ from Linear alkylbenzene Sulphonate ?
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