Deionized water or Distilled water

Good day everyone. I appreciate the great effort we've all being putting in this forum.
I have some questions that I'll appreciate all the answers I can get.
I have the interest of formulating cosmetics and probably food and beverages later on for friends and family on an affordable rate which require that I use water during production.
I got to know deionized water is the best, while distilled water comes second.
I have not much for the purchase of these extensive water deionizers or distillers.
Please how can I get deionized water or distilled water at home?
Or is there a very cheap alternative?
I'll appreciate all the help I can get. 
Thank you so much.


  • You cannot make deionized water at home without any equipment. Distilled water on the other hand can be easily made by boiling tap water, then condesing the water vapor/steam.
    Depending on your country, you can buy deionized water from local hardware stores or chemical retailers/suppliers. It is quite cheap, around Php 25 (roughly $0.50) for 5 gallons. You can buy distilled water in any grocery stores for a dollar or two.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    For 99.9% of formulations distilled works just as well as deionized. In fact for 90% of formulations good quality tap water (like Chicago's) works fine. Just add a little Na4EDTA and get on with your day.
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