Problem while making alchohol based Hand Senitizer

Hi everyone, hope all of You are very well and healthy during this Corona Pandemic. 
I am trying to creat a small batch of Alcohol based hand Sanitizer of which following is the composition:-

AQUA.                      29 seGM
IPA                            66 GM
GLYCERIN.                2  GM
CARBOMER 940     .5  GM
TEA                            3  GM

All of these ingredients are yet to be added. What I have only done is -
First of all I have taken isopropyl alcohol 66 gm ( as I have purchased all these chemicals from a local SUPPLIER so I am assuming that the IPA may be of 90% concentration and I want to have 60%IPA LEVEL )in a plastic jar and sprinkled .5gm CARBOMER over it in a single shot. Then I stir the recipe for 10 mins. Now look at what I have in the image below. My question is 
1) Is it right way to dissolve carbomer in IPA ?
2) then I added glycerin and water and at the end of all I added 3 gm Triethanolamine but I haven't got the desired results.
The final product looked like that
Please direct me how can get rid of this carbomer Lumps ?
 Thanks in advance and looking for your dearly opinions.


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