Can Protein Isolate be used in hair products?

ZaraZara Member
Hi everyone,
My question might sound stupid but is it possible to add a protein isolate(instead of hydrolyzed Protein) which contains 90% protein to hair products? I've searched a lots but couldn't find anything about using the isolate in hair products.
is the molecular weights in isolate proteins is the same as hydrolyzed proteins? 
I am just looking for alternatives.
I really appreciate your input. Thanks


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    edited July 14
    The only protein isolates I know are from whey (they go into my shakes *yummy*)... sure you can use these, as claim ingredients. Whey proteins are hundreds of times larger than hydrolysed proteins and... well, honestly, do the same (=nothing) in a rinse-off formulation. In a leave-on, hydrolysed proteins might serve as humectants.
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