Color issue in Gel Hand Sanitizer

Dear Experts,

I have been watching your videos on YouTube, which are indeed very helpful.

I am facing some color issue, so I am elaborating my procedure as follow for your assistance.

I am trying to prepare gel hand sanitizer with the following formulation

1- Alcohol (IPA) 75%

2- Glycerol 1.45%

3- Hydrogen Peroxide 0.13%

4- Water 24%

5- Carbomer 2% of distilled water 

6- Triethalamine (TEA)- 2 to 3 drops


1- I put the Carbomer in distilled water and leave it for 12 hours for proper dispersal/hydration, this leaves me with distilled water Gel. 

2- Then put IPA and mix with the blender for a few minutes 

3- Add TEA, the above mixture converts to Gel 

4- Add Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerol and some lemon essential oil.

5- Blend it again for 5 minutes to complete the process.

 Everything is perfect, except the color is slightly muddy /cloudy.

 How can I get a crystal clear gel?

 Needs the expert’s opinion.

 Thanks in advance 



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