Slightly muddy/cloudy gel hand sanitizer

Hello Comrades,

I am trying to prepare hand sanitizer with the following formulation
IPA 75%
Glycerol 1.45%
Hydrogen Peroxide 0.13%
and Water 24%
Carbopole 2% of water 
Triethalamine - 2 to 3 drops


1- I put the TEA in water and leave it for 12 hours for proper hydration, this leaves me with Gel formulation
2- Put IPA and mix with the blender
4- Add TEA
5- Add HCL and Glycerol

Everything is perfect, except the color is slightly muddy /cloudy.

How can I get a crystal clear gel?

Needs the experts opinion.

Thanks in advance 


  • BelassiBelassi Member
    1. It is not acceptable to measure in 'drops'.
    2. TEA is a liquid, it sounds as if you are referring to Carbopol.
    3. You don't say what type of Carbopol. If it's 980, forget that. Not possible. 940 will just about work and give a hazy result. Need Ultrez for a clear gel.
    4. Add HCL???? Hydrochloric acid???
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