Insight on Masters and cosmetic science career options

Hello everyone! I am new to this industry and am interested in furthering my career in cosmetic science as a chemist. I currently work as a lab admin for a smaller contract manufacturer and haven't had the opportunity to have any bench time yet, but am interested in doing so.

I was hoping to reach out to any current cosmetic chemists/formulators to chat about the industry and some questions I had about it. I am interested in the cosmetic science Masters program online at the University of Cincinnati, and am particularly interested in formulating Asian skincare such as k-beauty. I was hoping I could talk to someone who has some insight on doing a Masters and who can talk to me about working in big brand names such as Loreal or Shiseido. I would love if anyone could tell me more about their experience working for a big name brand vs a contract manufacturer. And how to get started for a big brand; do these brands usually prefer candidates with a masters?

I was also curious to ask if cosmetic science is something that can be done abroad? Would there be job opportunities for this industry abroad? I heard that some big brand companies such as Loreal can have international opportunities, but have not been able to find anyone who can speak on this. I would love to work abroad for this industry as I am interested in k-beauty and formulating for Asian skincare. 

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! If there are any chemists out there who is willing to also set up a time for a phone chat, I would love that as well! I am open to connections on LinkedIn too, thank you!
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