Ingredients that give volume to hair.

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Hi everyone,
What kind of raw natural ingredients do you use or know that gives volume to hair  other than Amino Acids and Proteins please ? I've read hear that any ingredient like Hydrolyzed protein, Extracts that is water soluble won't give any benefit to hair when you use them in wash out products, if is that true, why you can see so many volume shampoo on the market.
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  • I’m not a seasoned formulator. But I think (and have seen) that shampoos that claim to give volume contain mostly stronger surfactants that will strip more oils and residue from the hair, they also avoid conditioners. At most they use Polyquaternium-7 or 10 and PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate or a similar refattener. Forget silicone/dimethicone, oils, or waxes that are highly conditioning and create build up.

    I’ve also seen glycerin in there. Not sure why it is, but it does make the hair a bit more voluminous, with the downside that it has a terrible sensorial effect (no slip, squeaky hair). Ever tried to wash your hair with a true soap bar? (Old fashioned oils and lye soap) It will have so much volume after, but it will feel horrible. I think it’s the glycerine plus the harshness of the soap.
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    letsalcido Thanks for the help. Yes , I know volume shampoo is stronger and also it could be a bit higher in PH. I am hoping to find an ingredient that covers the hair strands temporary to look a bit fuller. I can't use a stronger shampoo because I have psoriasis on my scalp. It can be higher in PH but not stronger. 
    I make shampoo soap and it feels very good on my scalp and hair and the PH is around 7.7. It has made a big difference on my scalp because of the higher PH and it has 5% supperfat which makes it moisturizing but now I'd like to try the surfactants. 
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    @letsalcido Old fashioned oils and lye soap have a basic pH that will open hair's follicle and give a significant volumizing effect but sure will make hair Rough. 
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    Polyquart H-81
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  • ;Belassi , thanks, this ingredient is on my list. There is no supplier who carries Polyquart H-81 in Australia at the moment.

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