Best Preservative for Dishwash soap

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Hi everyone!
I recently made a batch of dishwash soap for my small business. As a preservative, I used Methyl Paraben (1 gram for every liter of dishwash soap, about 0.1%).
However, the cost of it kills me. Is there a cheaper and alternative preservative that is safe and as effective as Methyl Paraben?
Also, out of topic, what is the recommended amount of EDTA tetrasodium in dishwash soap ?(in my formulation, its 0.1%. Is this enough?)

Thank you in advance!


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Isothiazolinones…BIT in the parlance of the HI&I 0.10%. Done. Also, double that EDTA unless you wash dishes in the woods, then triple it.
  • Thank you @chemicalmatt. I'll check my local suppliers if they sell Isothiazolinones. 
  • FarrukhFarrukh Member
    Formaldehyde is a cheap preservative for dish soap
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