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I am a home crafter making haircare just for myself and occasionally for friends.  I have read through the discussion threads on conditioners with interest.  I make a rinse out conditioner that is okay but doesn’t leave my hair as soft or detangled as I would like. This is my formula:

Distilled Water – 72%

BTMS 50 – 7%

Cetyl Alcohol – 3%

Hydrolised wheat protein – 2%

Argan oil – 6%

Cetrimonium chloride – 2%

Cyclomethicone – 2%

Dimethicone – 2%

Fragrance - 0.5%

Liquid germall plus - 0.5%

Chamomile extract – 1%

Panthenol – 2%


I am looking for some general feedback on this formula, but also specifically:

1.       From what I have read, the protein, oil, chamomile and panthenol are doing very little in a rinse off formula, is that correct?

2.       I am interested in what I have read about using cetac and a fatty alcohol rather than BTMS to see if it might suit my hair better.  Is the recommendation 3% active matter of each?

3.       I also make a leave-in conditioner that is very similar. The only difference is less BTMS 50 (3%) with polyquaterium 7 (3%) and glycerine (3%) instead of the argan oil.  I have processed curly hair and like something moisturising. It is okay but not as creamy as I would like.

Any feedback you could give would be appreciated. TIA.


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