Good Suppliers with a wide range of legit tech/science focused products?

I'm looking for dependable suppliers that are legitimate and "non-fluff", preferably focused on science/innovation/cosmetic tech-based products. 
I'm having some trouble finding skincare raw ingredients, ex: amino acids, peptides (no need to argue on effectiveness please), humectants . . . that go beyond the boring and typical propylene glycol, glycerin, oils, and extracts. 

I'm looking for high quality actives. 

I've tried lotioncrafter, makingcosmetics, other online platforms, and many suppliers. I would prefer something more technically-based. 

Thank you in advance!


  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    You will need to provide more information such as your location and if you are looking for small (DIY) or bulk quantities if you want some suitable responses.

  • California, U.S.

    I am looking for small quantities. Thanks!
  • I think you'll find.... Suppliers will sell anything with good margin and items they find sell well.  Utopia has not yet been achieved. :) 
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