Does the Rec. Percentage apply to the entire solution or to the active ingedient?

WickersWickers Member

I was wondering: you know how most suppliers usually list the recommended percentage for an active solution? Like 0.1%-2%?

What if the ingredient supplied is a peptide, for example, and the INCI is: Water, Glycerin, pentapeptide-3

If the active (or extract) is listed at 20% of the solution, do I have to scale up the recommended percentage to 0.5%-10%?

I'm not sure if they mean 0.1%-2% as in the active ingredient is supposed to be that amount, or if the whole solution is to be that percentage of the final formulation.

This was puzzling me for quite a while, but I thought it was a stupid question.

Thanks in advance!


  • Please reply! Thanks :)
  • Vendor recommendation is for how to use their specific product. So recommended % usage applies to the whole solution, no other math required. 
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