Dishwashing Liquid Clouding and Precipitates Appear

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Hi Everyone, I made a batch of dishwashing liquid using this formula that I have "guess-worked"
500g SLES
125g CDEA
125g Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate (LABS)
50g Coco-Betaine
125g NaCl
8g EDTA Tetra Chloride
7.5mL Scent
1g Colorant
7500mL Water

I added 2/3 of my salt to the SLES. After it became whittish in color, i gradually added the water. When the mixture becomes a little bit watery, I added the remaining surfactants and the EDTA (dissolved in water). Lastly, after adding all the water, I added the remaing salt (a thickener), the scent and colorant.

I didn't add NaOH to my LABS because I suspect that is it already neutral since it is not the sulfonic acid one.

Then, it became cloudy few hours later and precipates (settled at the bottom) appeared after a day.

Please help me. Thank you so much in advance

Also, I wanted to decrease all of my costs as low as possible(but yielding a pretty good product), I am planning to sell these at a low price.


  • ChiragChirag Member
    First of all, convert all the quantities to percentage so readers can have a better idea..And of course for a better judgement. 

    What was the color of LABSA before adding it to the mix ? Neutralized  LABSA gets yellowish colour and if not neutral, it could be brownish. ...I think. .May be this could be a possible reason.

  • Hello, as @Chirag sugested, you need to measure the ph, over neutralized or an acid liquid soap could be cloudy, your formulation is very much the stardar for a cheap liquidsoap
  • Hello @Chirag, thank you commenting. I've  adjusted everything and already converted it to percentage. The LABSA is colour brown, and I did not neutralized it. Realizing my mistake, I started all over again.

    After neutralizing the LABSA and doing a salt curve, I was able to achieve a clear product, and no precipitation.
    So here is the percentage of all my raw materials
    1.5% LABSA (Neutralized in NaOH)
    1% Coco DEA (or CDEA)
    0.5% Coco Betaine
    89% Tap Water
    I also added some preservatives and 1 gram of EDTA Tetrasodium for every liter of my dishwashing liquid

    The results were good however I'm not that satisfied with the foaming. What should I add or increase in order to improve foaming?
    What do you think of this new formula of mine? 
    Thank you so much

  • Hi there @luiscuevasii, thank you also for commenting. I haven't check the pH level because the pH testing paper that I ordered is not delivered yet. Looking forward to test its pH before mass production.
    I also plan to sell a high quality and high priced variant of my dishwash liquid, what do you think I should add or increase in my new formulation?
    Thank you so much!
  • ChiragChirag Member
    Hello, @nikolatesla23, your total Surfactant matter seems less. By increasing the total surfactant, you can achieve more foam.
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