Hand Sanitizer formulation and its effect on calirty of the product.

I have tried to make Hand sanitizer formulation listed below
Formulation 1
Ethanol:           75%(99% purity)
Water distilled: 20.9%
Carbopol 940: 0.5%
TEA:                0.1%
Glycerin           3%

Mixing order: Water, Carbopol, ethanol, TEA. 
The result was carbomer just formed a cloudy gelly lump in the ethanol and as i tried to stir it vigorously most of it is evaporated.

I would love to hear some insights on the above-mentioned issue. 

Formulation 2
Just changed the ethanol to IPA (99%), mixing procedure is the same and it worked but the product was not so clear in the end. It was a bit clumsy and air bubbles were present.

May I know how I can get the crystal clear sanitizer similar to the purell brand? Is something wrong with the formulation or mixing?


  • BelassiBelassi Member
    940 will not give the grade of gel you want. And TEA won't work much above 63% anyway. This sanitiser thing is really annoying because of the supply shortages it has created.
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  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    try using AMP instead of TEA
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