Natural shampoo creation problems ( Bubbling and foaming up )

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Hello I'm a new Memeber to this platform and I have an issue with my formulation .

I’m making a all natural curly hair friendly shampoo. 
I don’t want to included no silicone ,paraben ,sulfate. 

The two issue that I’m facing is that my product is too light weight and also when I’m making it starts to foam up / bubbling up and when i fill my bottle with the shampoo it’s light is the bottle and after 24 hr it’s still looks foamy / bubbly.

end result i’m looking Is to sell this product commercially.

ingredients and percentages 

distilled water 62.2%
EDTA  - 0.2%
polyquaternium 10 - .5%. Or ( guar gum - 1%)
P.E.G 7 glycery cocoate -   3%
Chamomile extract - 0.7 %
Ginger root extract -  0.7%
Mango butter - 0.8%
Sunflower oil - 0.8%
Panthenol - 0.5%
Glycerine - 1%
Fragrance - 0.6%
Glycol stearate - 4%
Decy Glucosid , sodium Lauroyl lactylate - 22%

Phenoxyethanol SA ( phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid , caprylyl glycol) -  1-%

Quaternium 31 ( dicetyldimonium chloride , isopropyl alcohol) - 2 % 
I’m using a kitchen acid stick blender to mix .
I understand that a shampoo doesn’t need botanicals extracts and I also know glycerine , panthenol  and oils and important for a shampoo but I want them in my products for marketing and there benefits that the natural market came to know and love .

I really hope someone can help and give suggestions/ recommendations.

My desired end result is a shampoo that is conditioning moisturizing have some weight to it and have a white pearlescent look.

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