Formulating with butters on fine hair?

A lot of deep conditioners on the market are made with a lot of oil and butter. Ive looked at some formulations and they all seem very heavy. Maybe targeted more towards coarse hair. At what % should I keep oils and butters in conditioners for more loosley patterned fine hair? So basically to keep the conditioning treatment from being to heavy on the hair.


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    @PeaceLoveNaturals if you’re referring to the DIY market, yes. I see oily concoctions everywhere!

    In comercial products I see more cationic surfactants, PEG oils and silicones. Not much is needed of either or you’ll end up with heavy, greasy hair with a lot of build up if a strong shampoo is not used. 

    I don’t have experience making conditioner, so I’ll leave that up to the experts. But I think for fine hair the last thing you’d want is something heavy that takes away volume. That basically removes all oils and butters from the equation in my opinion. They’re too heavy. Maybe 1-2% total of “light” oils like  Argan, Jojoba, Castor is fine. I have thinning hair and can’t even use a comercial conditioner because it exacerbates my hair loss, my hair becomes too heavy and looses all volume. I also have oily scalp, so the last thing I want is more oil on my hair products.

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    My hair is, unfortunately, pretty much like @letsalcido describes and I can fully concur with his/her observation... Other hair like that of my wife can handle pure shea butter but thin European hair... ugh... use VERY carefully and start super diluted. Waxes & perliser might be an option?
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    It's a difficult question to answer because I don't know what you consider "too much" or "too little."  This answer will differ for everyone.

    The best answer that can be given is to use enough that you get a benefit but not so much that it starts to feel bad.
  • @perry Def I wasnt sure if there was kind of a good starting % and then work from there.
  • @letsalcido @Pharma sounds like my mommas hair as well. Very fine and thin. Thankfully I take from my fathers side haha 
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