Best surfactant for facial wash gel

Im considering to use 3 type of surfactant which is cocamidopropyl butaine 6%, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate 10% and lauryl glucoside (3%).

is there any other combination of surfactants that works efficiently?

p/s im currenly a student try to finish his assignment  


  • Nothing is wrong with those but would be hard to thicken. You would probably need either crothix or PEG-150 distearate.
  • CometomyCometomy Member
    so thicken i put xanthan gum and carbomer? is this okay?

  • Carbomers are not electrolyte resistant. CAPB is full of salt. You can use xanthan. It will work but the texture is not going to be pleasant.
  • CometomyCometomy Member
    Thank you! you really help me a lot

  • BelassiBelassi Member
    Too little surfactant in my opinion.
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