Wet Sanitizing Wipes Formula


we are making a new product of single hand sanitizing wipes (single sachet) and my team came up with a formula and I want to share it with you to make sure it wont be harmful since we might sell these sanitizing wipes to restaurants for their customers. 


- Ethyl Alcohol (100%) - 70%
- Di Water                   - 24.6%
- Glycerin                    - 2.5%
-Lemon essential oil    - 0.7%
- Aloevera extract        - 1%
- Apple Cider Vinegar  - 0.5%
- Phenocyethanol        - 0.5%
- Peppermint essential Oil   - 0.2&

These wipes will be used as hand sanitizing wipes.

any comments? not safe? safe? very safe?



  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    With 70% ethanol they will meet WHO guidlines so these should be fine. However it seems like overkill to include a preservative, you don't need one. And what's the vinegar for? Acetic is not a nice smell. I'd omit that. Also, the peppermint EO at 0.2% ?? Peppermint is an EO that is effective in very small % and you state this is for restaurant use. I think you will end up removing the EO because eveything is going to smell like mint... not good if you're eating... and the lemon EO? I'd reduce that to a maximum of 0.1%.
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  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Well, for a fish restaurant, adding an acid helps ;) . But it would be AFTER eating, not before.
    Yea, mint & lemon sounds weird... unless it's a Lebanese restaurant... then it fits in perfectly.
  • ama2025ama2025 Member
    @Belassi @Pharma Thanks for your responses. Yes it seems too much for this kind of product. I'm planning to keep it as WHO formula 

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    do you think this formula will work 100% on tissue? or maybe we need to add any chemical to it?
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Just make sure H2O2 does not react with the tissue and that the tissues contain enough liquid to keep hands moist for long enough to be active.
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