Product Filling

Hi everyone, I am trying to develop a cream which is rather viscous. Now I find that it doesn't flow through the gravity fed filling machine. I'm only producing small batches at this time - 20 to 30kg. Do I need to buy different equipment?
Thanks for any ideas.


  • Hi @jumok , depending on the formulation you may be able to fill it whilst slightly warm which will decrease the viscosity slightly. This will work best immediately after making the cream as some products thicken further even if just left to sit overnight. Obviously you can't do this if it is cold-processed, if there are any ingredients which require addition once it has cooled to room temperature, or if it requires stirring whilst it cools to remain stable. Even 10-15*C above room temperature may help to soften it.

    Otherwise, it may be time to invest in some new equipment if you're likely to be scaling up.
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