Ethyl ascorbic acid

Hi brilliant chemists.

I am formulating a vit c serum, using ethyl ascorbic acid. I have made some trials but i am experiencing 2 problems: irritation and eczema from some of our team members who are trying it and discoloration over time:
The formula is as below:
Ethyl ascorbic 19%
Ferulic acid 0.1%
Mandelic acid 0.9%
In a water vehicle + glycerin , aloe and some other emollients
pH of the final formula ranging between 5.6-5.8

Any suggestions what do i need to try to change or add.
Thanks in advance


  • alan123alan123 Member
    edited May 26
    Replace it with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate ? Why do you have Mandelic Acid there?
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