How to make BB cream foundation last longer on skin?

Hello everyone, 
I m looking for help. My BB cream foundation doesnt last long on skin, it only lasts for 2 hours in door activity with air cons on and need to have makeup powder cover on too.
Here is my recipe :smile:
Phase A 
Water 73%
Gel Maker 1%
Phase B 
Olivem 900 : 2.5%
Demithicone Resin : 3%
Isododecane : 5.5%
EG5 : 5%
Mineral Oil : 2%
SilkFlo 364 : 3%
Phase C : 4.9%
Mica Yellow +Red+Black 
Titanium dioxide 
Phase D
Saiguard : 0.1%
My question is
1. Should i replace any in phase B  to make more matte effect and make it last longer on skin? 
2. How to increase the cover effect on skin? 
I am not very satisfied with BB cream or CC cream, i want to make full cover foundation. 
Thank you 


  • ngarayeva001ngarayeva001 Member
    edited May 2020
    What kind of pigments are you using and what is magnesium?
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