Not compatible with seppimax

crillzcrillz Member
Making what I thought was a simple hand sanitizer.
Isopropyl alcohol 70
Water 25.75
Glycerin 3
Seppimax Zen 1.25

Then playing around I tried adding 0.5 cocamidopropyl betaine and it all just went to water and completely lost viscosity.

Just wondering why this happened. Is it like when you mix carbomer and citric acid, adjust pH etc.


  • It is happening because hydrocolloids based on acrylic acid don't like electrolytes of any sort and kind. CAPB is almost pure salt. That's why SLES/CAPB shampoo doesn't need any viscosity modifiers. Acids, bases and salts are full of electrolytes. Replace CAPB with a small amount of Polysorbate 20. I also hope your IPA is 99%, not 70%.
  • crillzcrillz Member
    Thanks for that info. Makes it easy to understand. Yes 99 percent IPA
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