cellulose thickener grades

I want to purchase cellulose thickener from China the one with high viscosity 100k, 200k mpa.s. they say it is used for construction and laundry detergent but don't know about it's use in Shampoo.
Can we use that in Shampoo too? 
Is there any difference between cosmetic grade and industry grade cellulose?

I refer to these 3 celluloses
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
hydroxyethylMethyl cellulose


  • Yes, the different grades serve a purpose. I would not use non-cosmetic grade cellulosics.  

    I would also be wary of purchasing ingredients through DHgate and the like as they’re often known to include fillers, disingenuous products and contaminants. 
  • FarrukhFarrukh Member
    I use HEC in liquid detergent and shampoo
  • OladooOladoo Member
    May I ask at what percentage you use HEC in shampoo? @Farrukh
  • HEC 250 HHX
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