Disinfectant Yellowing Effect

IchlasIchlas Member
My office was using disinfectant with 3% hydrogen peroxide. It turned some surfaces that came in contact into yellow and can't be remove. does anyone know what happened in here? cause hydrogen peroxide is a bleach why does it turn things to yellow.


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    H2O2 is a strong oxidising agent. Depending on concentration and contact time, it can turn many but not all colours into carbon dioxide and other small colourless molecules. 3% is not much and fatty acids aren't it's favourite 'prey'; therein, it tends to speed up 'rancidity' which causes not just degradation but also polymerisation of peroxides which result in yellowing.
    You shouldn't mix H2O2 with oxidation-prone products!
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