How do you make hand sanitizer without xanthan gum or carbomer?

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Hello guys, I want to know how I make hand sanitizer without carbomer and xanthan gum, because I don't know another method to help me?


  • Technically speaking, you don't need either of those to make hand sanitizer. Those are just additions to create a gel-like consistency.

    You could try using sepimax zen, or any other gel-type thickener.
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    The officially recommended formulation by leading health authorities such WHO does not contain gelling agents.
    Some gellants might in fact reduce the efficacy of the sanitiser -> don't play around with products & additives which haven't proven safe and efficient in this regard and go with simple alcohols at appropriate concentrations!
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    You will find your questions on how to make sanitizer without a gelling agent answered here: (follow the link in the first post to the WHO guidelines, and stick to the guidelines)
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