How do you make hand sanitizer?

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My initial response to this for most people shouldn't make hand sanitizer.  It is an OTC drug and if you make it wrong you could be creating a product that gives you the illusion of being safe when you are not really safe.

The better option is to wash you hands with soap and water. And don't forget to dry them too! Drying helps remove microbes from your hands.

But if you are going to attempt to make hand sanitizer, please follow the guidelines by the WHO.

Stay safe everyone.


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    LMAO I didn't see you posted it, and I was about to comment "you don't" XDD
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    Thanks a lot @Perry for your efforts. 
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    @Vinnyg32 appriciate your share. 
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    Regarding the FDA files shared by @Vinnyg32, please note the following statement: The firm does not add other active or inactive ingredients. Different or additional ingredients may impact the quality and potency of the product.
    This means: You shall not produce or sell hand sanitisers containing gelling agents or any other non-listed ingredients no matter what unless you get your product properly tested and registered! Anything other than the FDA proposed composition is, at least in the US (Switzerland for example has a slightly different formula with 10 times less glycerol and optional H2O2), not approved as 'anti-coronavirus'!

    Regarding surface disinfection: go with the EPA recommendations.
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    Thanks @Perry...The info you have given is of utmost use.
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    Thanks a lot @Pharma for the link soo interesting  
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    Hi Friends,
    I would like to give the simplest method to sanitize, where everyone can afford and effective for the Covid-19 pandemic fight & survival. 
    How ever any Soap or any detergent which can foam is highly effective on Corona virus, wash your hands thoroughly for 20+seconds in all corners. Be safe & share, help every one.

    Disinfectant preparation.
    Take 3 caps of Dettol (amber colored bottle, contains Chloro Xylenol) mix with 1 ltr water, keep in good cleaned bottle. Use it not more than 7 days. Put it in spray bottle so that every area, ex, door knobs, doors, lift buttons, handling areas can be sprayed.  Wet your hands. Don't put in eyes or mouth or sensitive areas. 

    Another Preparation.
    1 ltr white vinegar, 1 ltr water, 1 cup bleach, 3 table spoons bi carb in a big bottle, mix contents thoroughly.

    These are effective home made disinfectants.
    but not comparable to high priced marketed disinfectants, with IPA, alcohol etc. 
    RK Varry
    Process Engineer, Regd. Prof. Engr
    Johannesburg, SA
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    @Perry has right , never mix Bleach with Vinegar it will produce very toxic gaz Cl2 also there is no evidence that Detol can be effective for Coronavirus @RKVarry so please don't share fake information especially about health. 
  •   in fact Hand sanitizer is a pharma product not cosmetic. 60% alcohol base sanitizer are for routine & for virus killing it should be not less than75%.

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