Sea Salt Spray

Hello everyone -

I was looking to make a simple Sea salt spray and had some questions i hope the more experienced community can help with!

Understand sea salt spray usually consists of water+epsom salt+carrier oils+essential oils. 

But i am seeing ingredient lists of products in the market consisting of preservatives and emulsifiers like polysorbate 20 and PEG40 hydrogenated castor oil.

1) Are they adding the emulsifiers so that upon application, the user would not have to shake the bottle?
2) given the 4 ingredient mixture above, would a preservative even be necessary? if so, why? wouldnt the salt change the PH level enough so that the solution doesnt require a preservative?

Thanks so much in advance all!


  • EVchemEVchem Member
    1) Yeah emulsifiers are there to help the essential oils stay distributed throughout product.

    2) yes- epsom salt won't affect pH enough to put in in a low-risk scenario. And for a fun read, this paper shows that bacterial growth can occur even with high amounts of magnesium sulfate (as we would find on mars)
  • RickSRickS Member
    Thanks so much for the response!

    In general if i add enough salt to water ratio, would it possibly be able to act as a preservative?

    Can epsom salt even act as a preservative? Or is sea salt better?

    Thanks again!
  • alchemist01alchemist01 Member
    edited March 20
    Microbes can grow in salt solutions approaching saturation. I have no idea how much salt you're adding but I would use a traditional preservative.
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