Raw Honey? Honey Extract? Honey Powder? Which is best?

Honey comes in many forms. Which is best for formulating with? Im thinking honey powder, but Im honestly not sure. There is even a Honeyquat, but not sure it give the exact same benefits as honey?


  • Cafe33Cafe33 Member
    What do you want to formulate with honey and what are the real benefits and claim benefits? 

    Honeyquat is similar to Polyquats, not sure how that would be similar to honey other than in name.
  • Never formulate with raw honey - it makes it difficult to export to some countries.

    Pasteurised honey is fine. I have done work with honey powder - from 100% Freeze dried (never use this - it is as deliquescent as hell), 70% spray dried on maltodextrin (hygroscopic and turns sticky), 50% spraydried on cyclodextrin (was fine to work with - but expensive)

    If you are working on a cream, better dissolve your honey into your aqueous phase, but use pasteurised honey to prevent micro issues too.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Honey will not have much measurable effect in your formulas (depending on the formula of course).  So you should use the one that is least expensive, easiest to incorporate and still allows you to tell the honey story. Probably honey extract.
  • @Herbnerd @Perry Thanks so much
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