Formula regulatory review for oddball countries

Good Morning, all!
I have been a formulator for a very long time and working in this new company I am being asked to see if formulas are compliant for countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Now, I am familiar with most sites, but these are the first that I am having trouble with. I just need help confirming a few things.
First, Malaysia and Thailand: you can access banned materials from the ASEAN-Japan chemical safety database. Is there a way to see if they have a list of approved materials for their areas? The one website I found via Google will not load.
Second, does Hong Kong fall under China? I can't find anything for this country via Google.
Third, I also cannot find any resource for Singapore.

Can you all please weigh in with what you know? I'm struggling here and no, we have no plans for Coptis, Ithos Global, etc., and as we are a very small company I cannot afford an outside service.

Thank you in advance!


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