Extracts for Hair growth/strengthening?

I am working on a hair conditioner/tonic and am looking for additives/extracts to promote hair growth and strength. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 


  • I remember seeing peppermint oil could help hair growth:

  • Looking at this through science, they can measure hair and determine the dates when someone was given poison with great accuracy. This science has convicted people for murder. Hair grows just <1/2" a month and it is the same rate for 99.9% of the population. You are not going to be able to speed the growth rate; however, you can help prevent DHT buildup in the follicles. This slows hair loss and may help a portion of the follicles to start producing again. (Only follicles that the DHT damage is not too advanced.) I use some botanical ingredients, but found that peptides are the ticket. See ActivePeptide.com for more info and research DHT/Pattern baldness to understand this further. 
  • I think products claiming hair growth or the prevention of hair loss are mostly marketing. At best you're buying an anti-dandruff shampoo with some kind of antifungal active.

    The only exception to the rule might be minoxidil.
  • As much as anecdotal evidence may be overlooked here, I used peppermint oil in a beard oil and I really noticed an improvement in the lower cheek area where the beard grows. My beard used to be really patchy there, but after use of the oil for about 2 months, minimum once a day, usually twice and sometimes thrice, I noticed a lot of that area was filling out. I had someone I live with comment the same thing to me. I suspect this may be due to the different phases that the hair follicle undergoes, such as the growth stage (anagen phase), by either more speedily cycling through the phases, or by having an extended growth phase. That's just my theory though. 

    I don't think I've ever heard of peptides for hair growth. Could look into it.
  • Scientifically  speaking then you can not at all use anything to speed up the process? Where can I find that informations?
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