Access the Ionic and charged properties of a formula?

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How do I get someone to calculate the action, in-action and reaction taking place between the ingredients within a formula? 

My client is requesting this. Clearly neither of us are a physicist, scientists, chemi engineer or a chemist but we're hoping someone can help here. If it’s a case of a stoichiometry, how does that go down, where, who and how much?

My client is assuming by obtaining the charge of the formula, she’s able to understand her product on a deeper level. 

She wants to know about the dance that’s taking place at the micro level and will use science to help her understand how the product actually works. Yes/No? 

This paper speaks of there being five particle charge categories in the formulation of shampoo.  


Full article:

Any advice how I can have this done? 

Thanks heaps

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