Mixing Powders

Hi Everyone,

I'm making a pretty simple powder to foam face wash.  I have 7 powders that go into this product and I will be selling in 100ml bottles.  I wanted to ask if it would be okay to mix all 7 powders and make a pound of powders and distribute them into the 100ml bottles.  
I'm a bit embarrassed for asking such a simple questions, but pouring tiny amounts of powders into 100ml bottles day and night has been a little draining.
I'd really appreciate it if you can help!  

Thank you!


  • Yes sure. That is the protocol to make powder face wash.
    Combine all powders, shake well, and devide it into your desired container.
    Research Scientist (Personal Care Product Development)
  • Yes, I’d certainly scale up your formulation and then fill each bottle with the mixture. More consistency and safer. 
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