Water Based Hair Pomade

Hi Guys

I have been trying to formulate a water based hair pomade. After a lot of research following is my formula. Product is fine but i want to increase holding power as this has medium hold.


Your help in this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • Increase wax or add a different wax like candelilla. Lower PVP from 5% to 2%. 5% PVP is likely to produce a sticky, hardening mess. 

    Remove aloe gel.
    Remove lecithin, it is a horrible emulsifier.

    If you can, I would streak a sample of this product on an agar plate and incubate it just to see if anything grows. While it is not an accurate method of determining the efficacy of a preservative, it could give you some general info.
  • Thanks alot natzam44.

    Should i add additional 3% of PEG-40 HCO by replacing lecithin?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I would say that an increase and wax combined with 5% HCO should be more than enough to form a stable emulsion. You will have to try it to find out though.

    Lecithin is a pretty poor emulsifier so it does not add much to the overall formula anyways.
  • Thanks.

    Will make a batch and update you.
  • hilcoishilcois Member

    Hi @mshariq84, may I know how the batch went? I am also interested in making a water based pomade.
  • The carbomer has to be neutralized and lowered 3% is too much 1% should be enough with 1.1% triethanolamine
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